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ian ♥︎ gay ♥︎ demiboy
18 ♥︎ white ♥︎ aroacespec
taken ♥︎ syshost ♥︎ cinthean

transmasc ♥︎ he/xe/nya +
i cant really disclose any info about my mental health but please feel free to ask! i love new mutuals but i’m bad at texting back, so i’m sorry if it takes me a few days to respond!

don't folow if: terf, transmed, anti he/they lesbians, anti neopronouns or xenogenders, MAP, pro mspec lesbians, proshipper, whitewash any characters (including cookie run), or anti pan / omni / etc.
please tag mold, trypophobia, or cat abuse/death. i also really don't like fnf, mcyt, or vocaloid so i suggest not following if you post those a lot!

i am ian gallagher and a cat irl. these are not kins. im also pikachu, vaporeon, flick (acnh), espeon, endermen, retsuko, frisk, and more! all doubles are okay except for ian! you can see my comfort characters here!

interests (hyperfixations are highlighted!):
disney parks, super mario, nintendo, cookie run, miitopia, shameless, hollow knight, machine girl, undertale, lemon demon, jack stauber, minecraft, splatoon, and acnh!

hi!! tysm for checking out my transition fund! im not 18 yet so i cant use gofundme, but im accepting donations for my HRT and top surgery via paypal! my paypal:

[email protected]

please ignore my deadname :(

tysm for reading so far! to follow my instagram, please dm me your favorite mario character!
all art used in this carrd is credited if you click on it!